Home/Work Delivery

Have you been meaning or wanting to try out our products but can never get to the van collection points?

We now offer chilled secure  UK nationwide delivery by using Pd couriers Tuesday-Friday times average between 9am-5pm

Work Delivery 

So if you get a delivery to work you can receive from the driver and simply place in your car,office,store etc and all food will remain chilled until opened.

Home Delivery 

With our home delivery service you don't have to sit around waiting all day for your order you can simply leave instructions of where you would like your parcel to be left by the courier and as it's all thermal ice  packed all products remain chilled in delivery box  until opened. Orders can be made over the phone 07745121779 
please note we can not deliver weekends!!

  • order Friday,Saturday,Sunday Monday (11am) -- delivered Tuesday

  • order Monday (made Tuesday)  delivery Wednesday

  • order Tuesday (made Wednesday) delivery Thursday 

  • order Wednesday/Thursday(11am) (made Thursday) delivery Friday